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Since 1970, Michelson Laboratories has provided efficient testing and analyses to an extensive spectrum of customers. We have a broad-based background and are thoroughly proficient in a diverse range of industries. We offer large facility capabilities and maintain an experienced and highly knowledgeable staff. Yet we are steadfast in paying careful attention to minute detail, striving always to provide the highest levels of quality and personalized service.

With our broad background and excellent reputation comes the exciting prospect of the future. Our progressive management staff is continually researching equipment, systems and procedures to meet and exceed the challenges tomorrow will bring.

March 20, 2020
To our Valued Customers:
The health and safety of our employees and the community is our top priority as we face the COVID -19 pandemic. We are following the recommendations of the CDC and taking steps to reduce the potential transmission of communicable disease in the workplace including:

  • Instructing employees to stay home when sick.
  • Washing hands frequently with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Instructing personnel to cover mouth and nose when sneezing and discarding used tissues in the trash.
  • Avoiding people who are sick with respiratory problems.
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis as defined by newly established cleaning protocols.
  • Instructing employees to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
We also understand that the testing services we provide are essential to the safety and function of the food supply chain. While facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the maintenance of the food supply chain is more critical than ever, and we have no intention of closing our laboratories. As described in the President' s Coronavirus Guidelines for America, we work in a critical infrastructure industry as defined by the Department of Homeland Security (food supply) and have a special responsibility to maintain our normal work schedule. This also applies under California Governor Gavin Newsom's stay at home order issued March 19, 2020. Although nothing can be absolutely guaranteed, especially during a pandemic like the one we are experiencing now, we will continue to provide testing, reporting and courier services. In an extra effort to provide continuity of services to our customers, we have secured supplies to maintain current workloads into the future. Like everyone, we are monitoring the situation and will follow Federal, State and Local guidance as it becomes available.

Thank you and please stay healthy and safe,

Michelson Laboratories, Inc.

Where Calorie Listings Will Be Required:

  • Meals provided at sit-down and fast-food restaurants with more than 20 locations
  • Take out food such as pizza, Chinese food, sandwiches, etc
  • Self-serve restaurants such as buffets
  • Ready-to-eat foods sold at certain grocery and convenience stores
  • Alcoholic drinks such as cocktails that are listed on menus
  • Coffee shop foods,pastries, cookies, etc

Did you know that the majority of consumers are unaware of their daily calorie intake? Most end up eating or drinking more calories than is recommended by the USDA/FDA's dietary guidelines... read more

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We Have Expanded
In July of 2011, we opened a new, Northern California Laboratory servicing the dairy industry. We have since expanded our testing capabilities to service other food industries. Contact us for more information.

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