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October 8, 2015


Contact: Dennis Mayeshiro, Michelson Laboratories, Inc. 562-928-0553

Michelson Laboratories, Inc., Commerce, CA has received the ACIL Customer Quality Service Award program for 2015-2016.

This program provides users with a mechanism for evaluating testing laboratories. Participants are committed to ensuring the integrity of data, meeting customer's quality needs and setting the standards of performance for the testing laboratory industry.

Any testing laboratory who wants to be recognized as a participating laboratory must maintain proof of an annual ethics training and an early detection system for questionable analytical practices, submit a signed code of ethics and distribute satisfaction surveys to their customers.

The participants have committed to a uniform code of ethics and Customer Survey data for comparison to other participants. The Customer Quality Service Award participants demonstrate that they are proud of the quality they achieve and always operate with customer service as a top priority.

The results of the program's customer satisfaction scores, list of Customer Quality Service Award Qualified Participants and the laboratory contact information are made public. All other customer information is held in the strictest confidence between the laboratory and the program administrator.

The Customer Quality Service Awards were presented at the ACIL Annual Meeting on October 8, 2015.

For additional information on the Customer Quality Service Award program contact the Program Administrator at (302) 368-1211 or email

Where Calorie Listings Will Be Required:

  • Meals provided at sit-down and fast-food restaurants with more than 20 locations
  • Take out food such as pizza, Chinese food, sandwiches, etc
  • Self-serve restaurants such as buffets
  • Ready-to-eat foods sold at certain grocery and convenience stores
  • Alcoholic drinks such as cocktails that are listed on menus
  • Coffee shop foods,pastries, cookies, etc

Did you know that the majority of consumers are unaware of their daily calorie intake? Most end up eating or drinking more calories than is recommended by the USDA/FDA's dietary guidelines. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the average American consumes 1/3 of their calories outside of the home. The FDA's primary goal is to give consumers the information they need to make well informed decisions about the prepared food they buy. This new regulation will require many restaurants and cafes to perform nutritional testing on their menu items and post calorie information on their menus by December 2015 (Vending machines have until December 2016).

Michelson Laboratories has been providing testing services for food and restaurant establishments since 1970 . We can help you become FDA compliant with the new calorie rule for menu boards.

What Services Does Michelson Laboratories Offer?

  • Calorie testing on food and liquid items
  • Full nutritional analysis
  • Computer generated ready-to-use nutritional labels
  • Calorie testing on alcoholic beverages
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