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The Quality Systems Program at Michelson Laboratories is designed to ensure timely and accurate analytical service, to continually meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Michelson Laboratories is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory through A2LA and maintains severalStock image place holder other accreditations. We are committed to providing quality services while fulfilling our obligations to regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies. we employ procedures that adhere to AOAC, AOCS, CDFA, EPA, FDA, IMS, USDA, USP, and ISO requirements for the analysis of a wide range of sample matrices. Methodologies performed throughout the laboratory are integrated with appropriate control measures to allow for the continual monitoring of quality.

Processes outlined by the Quality Systems Program are executed on a daily basis in order to consistently provide accurate, precise and valid results of the highest quality. Accuracy and precision are validated though the laboratory's participation in national and international proficiency testing programs. The policies, principles and practices of our Quality Systems Program are at the core of every employee and every level of the organization to ensure effective management and exceptional technical competence.

Stock image place holderOur Microbiology Laboratory provides a wide range of services and is staffed with industry leading microbiologists. Experts at performing routine testing for product quality, pathogen detection and AOAC and USP approved methodologies as well as FDA and USDA guidelines. Assisting you 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we are able to meet your industry needs using the latest governmental regulations and cutting edge technology in meats, seafood, produce, dairy, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, environmental and much more.

Michelson Laboratories has years of experience offering customized shelf-life and challenge studies required by various regulatory agencies on a variety of food products. Our laboratory offers assistance in the design and implementation of various programs from environmental sanitation to product shelf life, tailoring specific regimens and practices to help customers determine their best course of action. To ensure food safety, we provide on-site inspection and technical consultation to evaluate your current GMP, HACCP and environmental programs.

Our vast industry experience combined with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, ensures precise results in the shortest turn-around-time possible.

Stock image place holderSince the inception of the FDA automatic detention program in 1976, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recognized Michelson Laboratories for analysis of thousands of detained shipments. Our trained and experienced samplers are available throughout the entire United States to sample detained product per FDA protocol.

Our goal is to expedite the review process and release of a detained shipment by working with the FDA in establishing methodologies and reporting formats which are accepted within the many districts of the FDA.

We understand at times dealing with an FDA detention can be a complicated process. Our knowledgeable scientists have an excellent working relationship the FDA, and are available for consulting on all FDA detained products as well as reconditioning proposals.

Michelson Laboratories' Chemistry Department is equipped to meet all of your analytical chemistry needs. Our highly trained food chemists use advanced analytical procedures and equipment to ensure fast turn-around time Stock image place holderand high quality service.

With a diverse range of analytical services including proximate analysis, fat and oil testing, allergens, additives, sweeteners, fiber, and vitamin analyses, our analysts are committed to providing expert data interpretation and consultation in selecting appropriate analyses to meet your company needs.

Stock image place holderFederally mandated requirements regarding labeling claims have increased public awareness of diet related health issues. Manufacturers, processors, and importers must now publish accurate information on nutrient values for their products, based on FDA requirements.

With decades of experience, Michelson Laboratories offers comprehensive nutritional labeling on various types of food products to comply with mandatory FDA guidelines. To help meet the requirements of various city, county, and state laws, we also provide complete menu labeling to the restaurant industry.

In addition to laboratory analysis, we offer the flexibility of database nutritional labeling services, and camera-ready labeling. Dedicated to meet and exceed customer expectations, our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities allow for the quick and effective evaluation of samples.

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Trans Fat
  • Saturated Fat
  • Total Carbohydrates
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Calories
  • Calories from Fat
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Fatty Acid Profile
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sugars
  • Vitamin A (Carotene)
  • Vitamin A (Retinol)
  • Vitamin C

Stock image place holderThe science of filth analysis involves the examination of food products for insect and animal contamination as well as foreign objects identification. Filth analysis is often required to verify the quality, wholesomeness and requlatory compliance of all types of food products.

One significant area of our expertise is on FDA detained products and the specific criteria for the many different foods detained for filth contamination. For over thirty years, the FDA has accepted Michelson Laboratories' analytical reports on detained items. Our analysts are highly trained and knowledgeable on the many procedures and analytical techniques required by the FDA.

Stock image place holderThe sensory examination of seafood for decomposition is a highly specialized analysis. Michelson Laboratories' sensory analysts have received extensive training from both the USDC and FDA sensory experts. Our sensory analysts have analyzed thousands of FDA detained imported seafood products for decomposition. In addition, we offer many analyses specific to seafood products, including U.S. standard for grades of fishery products, net weight, count per pound, uniformity ratio and much more.

Stock image place holderOur fully trained, state certified technicians offer analysis from raw milk to finished dairy products. Raw milk products are tested by FTIR, utilizing infrared technology to monitor butterfat, protein, lactose, and solids nonfat content to secure correct payment for dairy producers. To ensure product quality, our dairy laboratory utilizes instrumentation for somatic cell count and microbiological analysis, including standard plate count, coliform, and laboratory pasteurization count on a routine basis.

Finished products are analyzed for butterfat by Mojonnier, and total solids by forced air and vacuum oven methodologies.

Stock image place holderThe Metals Laboratory analyzes a variety of samples including raw and finished food products, beverages, drinking water, wastewater, ceramic ware and consumer products. We are approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission to test for lead in paint, surface coating and substrate materials. Minerals and heavy metals are analyzed by Flame AA, Graphite Furnace AA, or Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP).

Stock image place holderWe recognize the vital role that instrumentation plays in our ability to perform at the highest level for our customers. It is imperative for our laboratory to be the most modern, up-to-date, and technologically advanced in order for us to best serve our customers. We ensure that all of our instrumentation is in accordance with federal and state guidelines, and pay steadfast attention to its maintenance and upkeep. Stock image place holder Equipped with the most advanced instrumentation available, we are constantly adapting to accommodate new methodologies and technologies for analysis at ever-increasing sensitivity.

Our vast array of instrumentation includes: Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS, GC/MS, GC with FID, ECD ELCD and NPD detectors as well as HPLC with UV-VIS, Fluorescence and RI detectors, among others.

Stock image place holder Michelson Laboratories, Inc. insists that its staff of highly-trained scientists and technicians are thoroughly informed and trained in the proper procedures and protocols, guaranteeing the highest quality of performance for our customers.

Stock image place holderWe provide analytical and field service for NPDES (storm water), wastewater, drinking water, geotechnical, and bottled water monitoring programs. Our laboratory responds to your needs for thorough, accurate, and timely service to provide uncompromised analytical data with unequaled project management.Stock image place holder Certified by the State of California Department of Health Services, we provide organic, inorganic and microbiological analytical services. Our professional field technicians provide sample collection service for the analyses our customers need.

Stock image place holderAlthough every member of our staff is a member of the customer service team, we have an entire department dedicated to handling all of your needs through superior performance and commitment. Customer Service duties include facilitating communication, and prioritizing testing between customers and our laboratory personnel for the successful completion of projects. Our first priority and commitment is to always deliver exceptional customer service.

Stock image place holderOur Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) allows an Account Manager to access your data from any user station in our facility, providing you with expeditious and accurate data. LIMS also prioritizes workloads ensuring quick turn-around-time, and assigns a unique job number to document the receipt of each customer sample.

Our system is custom-made, giving us the flexibility to meet our customers' ever-changing needs. Reports can be delivered by email, fax, and internet via ExpressResults. Using the latest in 128 bit Secure socket Layer encryption digitally signed by VeriSign, customers can be confident that their information is secure.

Stock image place holderOur courier service is an integral part of the process at Michelson Laboratories. Specially equipped vehicles are outfitted with effective satellite communication technology and scheduling systems, geared to handle routine and emergency pickups. Additionally, Michelson Laboratories' sampling department provides trained personnel to sample per FDA, MICA and wastewater guidelines. The careful attention we give our testing begins the moment we dispatch our courier to pick-up your samples.

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